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LOWES take on Manchester

Radio 1 favourites and up-and-coming EDM/Pop high-flyers ‘LOWES’ took a couple of nights away from the rural North West to play a mini tour in Manchester and London last week. We caught the intimate Manchester show at Yes, The Pink room, and it was a stunning evening of energising music.

Over the last few years, LOWES’s vocal and production prowess has attracted a lot of attention from the EDM world, and they’ve worked on tracks with the likes of CamelPhat, Frankie Wah, and High Contrast among others. This has seen their genre evolve from simple, impactful, alternative folk tracks such as ‘Alone at Night’ through to dance floor fillers such as ‘Easier’ and their recent release ‘Love to Give’. This evolution bodes well for the energy they give off in a live environment. They give a dynamic performance and have the atmosphere of the room under their thumbs.

@caitlynnscarlett warmed us up with an excellent support set, and then as anticipation for the main act reached breaking point, LOWES took the stage stage as if they were coming home. They went straight into their first few tracks and filled the bright pink room with life and light. The event was intimate, and as an audience we felt valued, as though the lucky number of people watching were specially selected for the experience of seeing such an up-and-coming name in this personal setting. Everybody in that space, including LOWES themselves, belonged there and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

LOWES went on to London the next day to deliver a show equally as impactful. And now, as restrictions have eased and we see the emergence of festival season, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

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