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Mood Swings @ YES, The Basement

Now Wave presents a brand new monthly night: MOOD SWINGS. Four of the best, new, hyped acts for £5. A gig at the underground venue YES, The Basement is an intimate, dark and immersive experience, perfect for delivering the punk grunge atmosphere that these bands deserved. The room was full of intensity and passion for new music - a recipe for a great night.


The four-piece Manchester band are led by vocalist and guitarist Harry Wilkinson. He has a trenchant vocal style, and the unique sound of Maruja combines both jazz and punk into a high pressure blend, making their live performance a recommended watch. Maruja’s new single Blind Spot is formidable, and the saxophone, played by the talented Joe Carroll, lures you in to the groups unique style.


DEADLETTER are a South London via Yorkshire punk band led by frontman Zac Lawrence, who holds his audience with an eccentric flair. Their 2021 release, Fall of the Big Screen, centres the rise of streaming services and their monopolisation of the film industry. Their narrative vocal style, audience engagement, and energy makes them electrifying to watch.

The Early Mornings

Manchester trio, The Early Mornings, are a charming punk group with a fuzzy guitar sound, simple, effective riffs and punchy vocals. They were refreshing, immersive, and gave a fascinating performance.

Headliners: Mystic Peach

Psych-Rock group, Mystic Peach, indulge into intensity, aggression and frequent wild death stares in their performance making them captivating and disruptive. The band's stage presence and character was consistent throughout the performance and ended on a bombshell with leadman Curtis Gale storming off stage during their final song.

Upcoming Gigs

Next MOOD SWINGS event: 4th March @ YES, The Basement - L’Eclair, mustbejohn, gglum, Bingo Fury

DEADLETTER: 1st March - The Lexington, London 26th March - Student Union, Teeside University, Middlesbrough

The Early Mornings: 1st March - The Grace, London 17th September - YES, Manchester

Mystic Peach: 2nd March - Exchange Bristol, Bristol 3rd March - The Loft, Southsea

By Jordan Porter

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